Mimisha Misha

A new dawn rises with the sun by her side.

Drawn by Merrilisle

At a Glance

Age: 35
Race: Dunesfolk Lalafell
Gender: Genderfluid
Orientation: Asexual
Occupation: Fixes Chronometers
Status: Married

At a glance, the viewer would note that her eyes are mismatched; One is a light aquamarine, the other an eerie pearlescent color that seems to shift with the light. Light freckles patter over her nose and cheeks, nearly missable beneath the slightly smudged nose.
Tall for her race, she is slender and graceful; The curve of her hips following the near hourglass shape of her body.

What was...

Lost in her path to redemption, Misha put down her rapier and focus, vowing to never raise her weapon unless in self-defense. Learning to let go of the guilt and accept her husband's death for what it was rendered her in twain; She sought a home and embraces with a broken heart, to no avail.
Only after she found the answers written across the night sky could she reach inner peace.
Such a blessing came with a price; Misha will never speak of how she lost the vision in her eye.

What is...

Disowned by blood, Misha made her own family with her soulmate. A quiet life lived in their shared apartment.

She has lost much but gained so much more in her new life with her beloved paissa.

They spend their time together often together, or out in the field. She has left the life of war and hate as behind as possible, and with their loving guidance, has begun to heal.

Currently on her honeymoon.

What will be...(Hooks)

Not knowing what the cards have in store for her, Misha is content with merely living her life with the aim of helping others.

  • Will fix your chronometer if you bring it to her.

  • Might be willing to teach fencing to a would-be student.

  • Need a botanist? Misha's beloved is one of great skill.


If you've made. it to this point, then thanks for reading this carrd. If you skipped past everything, then thanks for retroactively reading the carrd. This bit of the profile is just for some ground rp rules that I would like to keep in mind.

  • I like to keep communication open between rpers. That means if I do something to upset you, I fully expect to be told and vice versa.

  • While you can be any age to befriend Misha, any prospective suitors must be at least 18+.

  • I myself am 21+ and married in real life. Ooc will always come first.

  • My timezone is GMT+8, which makes me a full 12 hours ahead of the EST timezone. I won't always be online.

  • You can reach out to me on discord at Jyxnie#8311